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Amazonas, Amazonas - Venezuela, Amazonas, 0, Venezuela
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1 day: I picked up at the airport. Transfer to the Gran Hotel Amazonas.

2 day: Flight to Snakes Early morning we head for the airport of Puerto Ayacucho and a chartered plane to fly south. We fly over the Tepuy Autana, the sacred mountain of the Indians. This mountain is like a finger. After flying over the jungle can be seen on the horizon and Marahuaca Huachamakari tepui Tepuy Duida landed on the grass runway of Snakes.

Our guide takes us to our camp about 10 minutes upriver. We took the canoe to reach the camp. In the afternoon we make a trip to the Black Cano, a river water black.

3 day: Boat trip on the river Cunucuruma After breakfast, we take our boats to go downstream Cunucuruma. We stop at a great speed that we by-pass and we can take a bad refreshing. We visited an Indian village located on the riverbank.

4 day: Boat trip to El Cejal Today our journey continues Cunucuruma the river, passing by the indigenous Acanaña. After a short visit we continue our journey until we reach the confluence of the Orinoco and Curucuruma. We envision a large expanse of water in front of us and have an idea of the size of the Orinoco. We continue upstream to the Cejal, Yanonami village, located in the jungle. Until now, Yanonami has maintained its traditions. Even if they were a little influenced by civilization.

5 day: Flight over the Casiquiare to San Carlos de Rio Black. Boat trip to the Stone Cocuy. We take the boat to Tama Tama. The mission deals with the Indian peoples. From here fly Casiquiare River, where two giant known rivers: Amazonas and Orinoko. The Casiquiare is a natural paradise with a unique variety of colors and shapes. During the dry season, the contrast between the white sand beaches and black water is great to see. Finally, the land in San Carlos a small jungle village with a friendly atmosphere. It seems that the time has stopped here. Come by boat Cocuy Stone, where we spend the night in a normal camp.

6 days: Trekking to Cocuy, where the three countries Brazil-Venezuela-Colombia met After breakfast hike to the rock Cocuy. Just take our little backpack. The ascent takes all day. We went through the rainforest to the top and has a fantastic view of the rainforst. In the afternoon we returned to our camp.

7 to 9 days: Trip to San Gabriel de Cachoeira We passed the border with Venezuela and now begins a three-day trip through the Amazon region. Day to day progress of Black River range. Some Indian villages are located on the riverbank. The temperature is between 26 ° C-32 ° C, but our boat has a roof so its very nice. The beaches of white sand and clear fresh water, invites us to relax. Overnight at different beaches with hammocks and mosquito nets.


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