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Timber resources

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amazonas treesApproximately 70% of the Amazonas state is covered by forests and jungles of different types, we can imagine that as the main product of which is wood, it is assumed that the timber resource would be most important to consider their exploitation, but even if we consider the infinite diversity of species from tropical forests, favored by high humidity, its vast network of rivers, etc..

Some species are considered precious woods: Araguaney, laurel, brazilwood, shoemaker, ebony, and soon it will be like cedar and mahogany. Among those who have been exploited in Amazonas scored the cedar, salty marupá Sasafrass, yellow wood, boar, Parature, laurel, macanilla, etc.. This exploitation is hampered by few access roads, and that each species requested is widespread among many others in the jungle.

It is fortunate that hinder the exploitation of wood for industrial purposes, as we have already mentioned the technical studies that demonstrate the biological fragility of the Southern Region. Must be repeated once more that any exploitation of natural resources classified as renewable, shall be subject to studies, planning and close monitoring to care that system or ecological balance, preventing the destruction of forests, based on the preservation of basins, quality and volume of water.

For the purpose of preserving the Ministry of Planning and Development, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, and especially the National Parks Institute (Inparques), created in Amazonas three National Parks and Sipapo River Forest Reserve, the comprising the watershed of the river Sipapo up the right bank of the Orinoco River. We also have the area Special Scheme Hoya Cataniapo River.

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