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minerales gente amazonasThe state of Amazonas is considered a mining reserve area. Mineral resources, classified as renewable, are abundant in this vast region and possibly susceptible to future exploitation given their high commercial value and taking into account those minerals prized for its strategic value. As the latter is always given very limited information disclosed, however be of great global concern. (Soon I will go and look for gold and diamonds there)..HB.

We know the existence of manganese in almost all the territory, mainly in the north, where an estimated economically exploitable. Along with manganese iron is located in the mountains of Sipapo Asisa on the hill or in the pipe Parú and Yureba. Sand used with percentages of 30% iron. Although almost all the rivers carry sand with this and several other minerals.

The existence of gold in alluvium and in veins, has been recognized in many parts of Amazonas and has come to operate clandestinely in some, such as rivers Yagua Yapacana Yureba and closed. Also there on the hill Asisa Guaraco hill, hill Trocapure, Ocamo River, headwaters of the Orinoco.

Arenas of very high content of titanium, have been detected in the river Yureba. Although these black sands of varying quality are present in many rivers of the Amazon, both the basin of the Orinoco as the Guanía.

Diamonds in the headwaters of Paru, Sipapo Cuao, Ocamo, Duida hill, North High Ventuari and limits the Bolívar State missing to explore many places basal conglomerate outcrops Roraima and other indicators of the existence of diamonds.

Molybdenum has been present in samples taken in the foothills north of the hill Duida. And another mineral that is assumed in abundance, according to survey work carried out in some places is the Beryllium.

Zirconium samples are found in relative abundance in the sands of many rivers, where also there are plenty of rocks and granitic acid composition. Granite, the most abundant of these natural resources, is present all across the state and is naturally found in many different forms and qualities.

Bauxite. In samples taken several years ago by the late explorer Don Melicio Perez in the red hill of CoroCoro and other sites Manapiare Valley, found the presence of high quality bauxite. They also seem to exist in the Cerro La Neblina, borders with Brazil.

White sands are almost pure quartz and very abundant in many rivers, mainly the black water. These sands, also from the tepuis, can be well used for glass and glassware industries. For various parts of Amazonas are true pleasures pure rock crystal with different sizes. The abundant quartzite could be used for making fine glass ornaments or industrial uses. As electronic devices.

Kaolin premium surfacing is almost always in the beds of many rivers and in many different places, forming deposits of great extent. The results of kaolinite samples examined so far, have given promising results for potential farms or installing tiles and ceramics industries.

Mica sheets abundantly drag both the Orinoco near its headwaters, as some tributaries Mavaca, Ocamo, Padamo. Particles of a distinct yellow color have been taken by some unsuspecting tourists like gold, having a strong resemblance to the mineral.

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