History of municipio manapiare

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manapiare-yutajeDon Melicio Perez was in January 1942 when upriver Manapiare to found the camp around a few years took physiognomy of town with the name of San Juan, if Don Melicio, were to ask, I did this once by plane, either entered the valley from the west, coming from Puerto Ayacucho, well to the north, penetrating from Caycara Orinoco and the South, from the North Esmeralda Franco envisioning the line of forts that will leave De la Fuente, Solano lieutenant, then founded the present capital of Alto Orinoco Municipality mid eighteenth century, how not marvel the famous explorer?, sighting in almost all that marvelous valley of one million hectares, the most fertile and best located in Amazonas State, another domain of Yabarana, today seat of Piaroas multiethnic and multicultural, Guahibos, Macos, Bars and Venezuelan Maquiritares, all come from the ends of the country, and even Colombians and several Italian entrepreneurs, doomed in the very idea of sustainable development, to make this fertile and beautiful valley, and Amazon barn, its most important tourist center. With the always remembered Development Commission South Manapiare met from 1969 to late 1973, a period of economic and population growth.

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