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Islands in Amazonas

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Amanozas islaratonAs expected in this formidable river network there are many islands of varying importance and varied and interesting ways. We begin by quoting the Venezuelan islands that are on the border with Colombia Orinoco. From north to south the most important: Stifle, Zapo, Bachaco, Provincial, Panumana, Cachama, Vulture, Vivoral, Cucurital Large or Garcitas, Cucurital, Samariapo, Crab, Deer, Tyre, Buenos Aires, Ceiba, Sipapo, the largest Mouse all, with 14 km long and 4 km wide. The other island next in size is Guaviariame Island and next to it the Castillito impressive natural monument, named for its strange shape and granite whose vertical sides are marked Orinoco different levels in their ups and downs. Continuing along the boundary we have: agouti, Sarrapio, San Jose, Merida, Mono, Nericagua, Caranabén, Cupabén.

To continue scoring border islands have Atabapo overcoming the major: Toad, Uitina, Caname, Uquira, Guarinuma, chamuchina, crown, plus the group in front of San Fernando de Atabapo. And to finish the counting of these islands have in the Guanía border-Black River: Paují, Uipepe, Maroa, San Miguel, San Carlos, Guape, Sebucán, Striped, Isleta, Odapa, Pavón, Putis Cigarrón Chichanal, Burno, Mututi, Guama and the small island of San José, where the frame border of the 3 nations.

Returning back to the Orinoco, upstream from San Fernando de Atabapo quote: Permit, Macaw, Guabina, Plank, Cayman, Magua, Cloud, Minisia, Cayare, Trapichote, Macuruco, Moyo, Ceiba, Totuma, Porcupine, Water Dog, Mata de Palma, Redfish, Araguato, CoroCoro, Carida Yagua Puruname, Danto, Sabinacure, Guanamé, Shaker, Maricapana, Duck, Quirare, Cariche, Crab, Trocapure, Stifle, Maricapure, Gallo, Quiratare, Tamatama Solitude Guaraco, Esmeralda, Cabirima, Capybara, Daya, Platanal Guaharibos. Globally cite 60 or more islands that make up the beautiful and exciting landscapes Ventuari Delta. Ventuari also is dotted with islands, the same say Cassiquiare Arm and its larger tributaries like Siapa and Pasimoni, Solano, Camasa, Danaco, Mápeda, Mat, Guachapita, Bachaco, Catirico.

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