Natural Monuments

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lago leopoldo 027Amazonas is full of natural monuments. So far and only found in the National Parks an insignificant number of them: Autana and the Cocuy stone. There are many places in Amazonas state could be declared natural monuments, including the following, the spectacular twin waterfalls on the hill Yutajé Corocoro Manapiare valleys, the majestic thundering Tencua jump, where the big river rushes by Ventuari rocks throat, the mouth and Fall river Padamo Cuntinamo in the river, by two stunning twins balances, in view of the falls of Padamo, Cua and Easel, the flood of Santa Barbara, where they meet the Orinoco and Ventuari, both with equal volume of water; Castillito rock in the center of the Orinoco, marking the rise and fall of the river, as the stone of Ciudad Bolivar Middle front Orinocómetro called by Humboldt, the very appointed and Maipures Atures , which greatly hinder alia eNRE navigation between Lower and Upper Orinoco Orinoco, the formidable jump in Marahuaka Picuri, jump worthy rival Angel Waterfall (Holy Angel), the fork arm that sacñandole çCasiquiare Orinoco waters, takes them to Amazon, a blessing of nature sub parael American continent plus the Cucui Stone is in the Stone Culimakare Cassiquiare with stone formation and two brothers lso legend. As something fantastic the unknown Grand Canyon Baria, birth Barnia River on Cerro La Neblina.

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