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Formation of the Tepuis

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tepuyes-y-masThe tepuis are Located in the mountainous region of the Guayana Shield and the region of the peneplain Cassiquiare Alto Orinoco. In the states of Bolivar and Amazonas. This monument consists of plateaus vertical walls formed by sedimentary rocks belonging to the group Roraima, a Precambrian age of millions of years, mainly composed of quartzite, sandstone and granite. They are called ecological islands, since most of the year covered by clouds that give appearance of floating among cloud. In some of these formations off spectacular waterfalls forming a true resource.

Arriving: On the road linking Brazil Bolivar State, Ciudad Bolivar or leaving Ciudad Guayana, take the road to Santa Elena de Uairén, there we will find one of the main Kukenam tepuis such as the Roraima Tepui Tepui and the Tapirapecó Serrania the tepui Yuruaní in some cases only be reached by air or sailing the rivers of the region.

Attractions: La Gran Sabana with its large waterfalls like Salto Aponguao and bed, as well as stretches of plains favulosas, Angel Falls, Roraima Formation, Canaima.

Tourist Activities: Hiking, hiking, kayak, scientific research, rappelling.

Adjacent sites: Santa Elena de Uairén, Canaima, Salto Angel, Las Claritas with its gold mines, Border with Brazil, The Amazon Rainforest.

What to bring: First aid kits, suitable clothing and footwear, binoculars, insect repellent cream, caps.

Area: 4.772 million hectares.

Decree N º 1233 dated 11/02/90. Official Gazette No. 4250-E, dated 18/01/91.

Natural Region: Mountain of the Guayana Shield

Temperature: Between 18 ° C and 22 ° C annually.

Precipitation: Between 2,500 mm and 3,500 mm per year.

Vegetation: At the foot of these hills lies the rainforest, with its unique plant communities in the world, consisting mainly ombrophilous evergreen forests and partially flooded. Ombrophilous Forest submontane and montane evergreen shrub herbaceous vegetation high tepuy. In depressions and cracks are bromeliads and many plants clinging to a poor and very acid soil.

Wildlife: major groups of insects, several species of frogs, lizards and snakes, some of them endemic birds that have a very important ecological role in the functioning of the different ecosystems of the high tepui.

Hydrography: Headwaters of major rivers of the Guayana region.

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