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Amazonas Wild Animals

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The Amazon rainforest is home to more than 300 species of mammals, thousands of freshwater fish, tens of thousands of trees and about a hundred thousand species of plants.

There are also many species of insects that experts agree that is all!

Some say that it is 20,000. Others say that it is closer to millions! New species of wildlife are still discovering today!

Weighing up to 90 kilograms and measure up to 75 cm at the shoulder. The Jaguar is the largest Member of the family of cats out of Asia and Africa.

The Amazon is home to Piranha, one of the most terrifying of the world. Up to 60 centimeters long, piranhas hunt in banks, or packages, and it can kill livestock or humans and strip the meat from the bones in AFEW minutes.

The atmosphere of the rainforest is so wet that a variety of frogs can thrive without the dose of life to the rivers or creeks. Great horned frog is found only in the rainforest Amazon is the only place in the world where the Giant Frog of Cacho.

Toucan is wild in any other part of the world. Its huge beak, which can be as long as 20 cm allows you to eat the fruit of great size.

When they are hungry, they unroll itself and are still in the water with only their eyes above the surface, waiting for prey.

There are many stories about anacondas attacking fishermen, but it is rare that anacondas to attack humans unless is assualted directly or agitated.

In all of our tours you will see animals of all types.

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