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Warranty and Service Quality

serviciosThe services that have been confirmed by Explorepartners and the (.Travel) – and paid by the customer are prepaid providers and checked before use by the client to ensure service that is has insured and prompt attention to the time of the arrival of the customer.

Although the rate of oversold conditions on very high season in Venezuela has been reduced to very low rate, there is arguably a service may need to be replaced by a similar or higher quality due to an oversold. If this happens Explorepartners assumes costs to locate and transfer to substitute service but does not offer any compensation for this situation. The same policy would follow if an activity in a program cannot be met for reasons beyond the control of Explorepartners. In the event of a service that is suspended by bad weather or other outside Explorepartners reason and it is impossible to replace, Explorepartners will follow the refund policy set by the supplier for such cases.

Explorepartners staff checks periodically visits or through references and surveys, the quality of the services offered on the Web site as well as try to keep updated photos, information, etc., which publishes. However, taking into account that Explorepartners offers a variety of services in all Venezuela that sometimes do not allow abreast the latest details or changes that may occur in each of the facilities that works, is clarified, that at some point could exist a difference or omission between the content of the site and the reality. Largely due to the differences of standard of quality that exist in the world, it can happen that a person wait for what you have paid a higher quality service to the recipient or conversely, receive service of the highest quality to what you expect, anyway please understanding our clients and which prioritise the enjoyment of the charms of Venezuela.

We recommend to customers of high demands first class services.

In the very unlikely event that the client addresses problems with a provider that are not addressed and resolved urgently, you should record written in the place where it happened in one period not exceeding 72 hours. Explorepartners will follow up its claim and send you the response of the management of the service provider. If the supplier decides to carry out a discount or refund, Explorepartners would act in correspondence with the client.

For emergencies, Explorepartners offers a number 0414 2877554 phone which is open 24 hours.








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