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Travel Documents

travel docsTravel documents:

The customer is responsible for ensuring the documents required for entry and exit from Venezuela. The corresponding visa, updated passport and ticket round trip or continuous are documents essential for the journey. Explorepartners is not responsible for problems or expenses which the customer may have for breach of the immigration and customs regulations of Venezuela. For more information see immigration and customs regulations.

The customer is responsible for check and reconfirm your departure flight as shown in your ticket. Explorepartners is not responsible for the charges which customer may have for the loss, delay or postponement of their departure flight.

Force majeure:

Explorepartners is not responsible for the total or partial breach of obligations with the client when they are impossible to meet because of the concurrence of causes of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, understood as the extraordinary, unpredictable facts or that being predictable, inevitable or arising from an event of natural character, unrelated to the will and actions of Explorepartners. The policy of reimbursement for services not used in these circumstances is the same that affected providers apply with Explorepartners.

Conflict resolution and jurisdiction:

Any dispute or discrepancy that arises in the execution, interpretation or otherwise related to the conditions presented here should be solved through friendly negotiation between the client and Explorepartners. Not achieved agreement, the matter will be referred to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of the Venezuela. The Venezuelan law shall apply.


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