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National Park La Neblina

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DuidaTo the south, bordered by Brazil, is the National Park La Neblina - whose area is to preserve the nature throughout the region. Located on the equator, at 0 º 37 'and 1 ° 50' North latitude and 69 º 12 'and 66 ° 32' west longitude.

One of the most beautiful and interesting places from every point of view is the Grand Canyon where the river Baria is born. Running north to meet the Pacimoni river of black and calm waters that flow into the arm of the river Cassiquiare.

When the Baria (Ocueni) down the Grand Canyon and arrive at the foot of La Neblina, to the flat, small partitioned any channels that ran northward meet later, but one of those channels (like a disobedient child) runs southward and pass receiving another stream of water, as an arm of cañito Erubishe, as well Maturacá Canal, which enters Brazilian territory to spend the jump HUA (where two neighboring landmarks. Cassiquiare channel in the sense Baria leading Venezuelan waters to the river Cabuaburí Brazil.

The Haze has the highest elevation in the state of Amazonas and the Guiana Shield, with 3 main peaks: Phelleps 3,050 mt., Zuloaga 2,800 mts. and Cardona 2,650 mts., which were located by the famous and important Phellps expedition, which, among other important reasons, served to reaffirm the sovereignty of Venezuela, as maps which had appeared by mistake (?) is La Neblina within the limits of Brazil. The mountain Jimei later received the name of The Mist, because it is constantly covered with thick fog, especially at the top.

You can reach The Fog (Jimei) by Cassiquiare, then tracing the river Pacimoni to climb after the Baria River, which originates in the same mountain. Or just up the river Pacimoni deviates by YATU, whose source is in the same mountain, but beside this, also in Brazil, entering through the Black River and then the torrential Cauaburi tracing to its source in the same range, or Best Titiricó River tributary.

In a Salesian Mission canalside is Maturacá (Brazil), there is now a landing strip and the nearby amenities related to accommodation.

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