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The Cocui Stone

CocuyLocated in the southernmost part of the Autonomous Municipality of the Black River in the Amazonas state. Its distance to the east of the Black River is 7 km., Starting from pobladito coastal Santa Lucia, which was founded 60 years ago by Mr. Natividad Rivas, famous international shaman, midwife, teacher, explorer and trader of natural products.

This memorial stone of 600 mts. high, lies in the very territory of Venezuela, as some writers, explorers and geographers have placed as a border landmark triple, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. It is 6 km. from the border of Brazil and Colombia 7 of the Black River. He is assigned an area of ​​100 meters. at its base. Is a long list of celebrities who have visited and climbed, like King Leopold III of Belgium climber, etc..

A good surface around to the Black River and nearby Brazil, it could be a beautiful and strategic Cucui National Park to protect the fragile forest that shelters this border area, about to disappear by the demographic pressure of Colombia and Brazil , daily increasing.

In language Ñengatú the name of the rock is Cucui, by a tiny teddy skin fine, seems already disappeared. Spanish chroniclers attributed the name to the legendary chief of the Marabitanos, from here commanded his numerous and warlike tribe, legend has continued to take until today. This moment is home to many ancient legends.

From the right bank of Black River, between Santa Lucia and the Brazilian border, we see in the human profile monumental stone they say is the face of a idian, this mass is located just 1 degree north of Ecuador and 6 ° latitude. To see the profile angle of the summit as the famous three-cornered hat. To crown the height it should be done on its eastern side with slope of 50%.

Fulfilling a decree of Dr. Rafael Caldera, President of the Republic, in the vicinity was founded Cocuy population, which did not progress for many reasons long to explain. By abandoning the work, complete homes, machinery, materials, etc.., Have disappeared like magic. Now the forest is responsible for retrieving what is rightfully theirs, but resisting the attacks of the ruthless predators that do not rest, hopefully not also do away the stone.


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