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autana municipioThe Family name of Kuawai called Autana, is located in the center west of the Autonomous Municipality Sipapo, about 100 km. in a straight line to the south of Puerto Ayacucho, has a relatively small area of ​​about 600 ht. At its base, located within the so-called "Sipapo Forest Reserve" and in the vicinity of the river Autana, including King Leopold III nearby lagoon resembling deep crater of an extinct volcano circulate.

It is called the Family Autana stem that resembles a huge solidarity emerges from the dense jungle and is for Piaroa (or Dearúa) and Uahibo (or Jivi) the great sacred tree of life, around which a beautiful and interesting mythology, makes us think with admiration your grade in their worship, beliefs, etc.., these people who were qualified to savages by chroniclers and missionaries. This sacred place like the Marawaka, you can call the Olympus Dearúa and Jivi nations. The author, accompanying his friend Gustavo Cisneros, was able to visit the top of the tepui, their slopes and flora, naturally thanks to the helicopter. The height is spectacular considering the narrowness of its structure, with about 1,000 mt.s.. Nm. It stands out visually from great distances (in clear weather or good). We can distinguish it from the port of Samariapo, from Mouse Island or even browsing the Orinoco. The crown or surface of the hill is about 1000 mts. long by 300 wide approximately.

The famous explorer and naturalist Dr. Charles Brewer Carias, explored it in 1971 in the company of Julian Steyermark, famous botanist and the no less famous Orquidiólogo CK Dunsterville, collecting specimens new to science.

Very near the surface of the tepui in its cliffs are named the very Autana caves of the hill through the body or trunk side to side, calculating a length of about 400 mt., That in what until now have been discovered because there are other caves that have not yet been explored. In the main cavity is a large lounge or dome whose dome has a height of about 50 m. These spectacular caves have been explored by the brave mountaineer and scientist Charles Brewer Carias. All this deserves special description.

You reach this sacred place from going up the Orinoco Samariapo, then entered the river and then the river Sipapo Autana. Also flying in small planes or helicopters around the hill. Its coordinates are 4 ° 52 'NL and 67 º 27' LO.

This tepui is considered holy by the nearby ethnicities, because in addition to its mystical legends, is nestled in the valley of the Sipapo seat Dearúa great nation and where also are many places also considered sacred, as are their cemeteries, besides rivers, lakes, and streams, rocks, are places of stories and legends embodied in his beautiful mythology.

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